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                   WELCOME TO  COLORADO GREEN DRAGON SUPPLIER TEXT AT +1 (720)  504-4176

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If you live in a country in Europe such as Uk, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Switzerland, France,Italy,Spain,Ireland,Greece,Romania,Sweden please fill in the form and put a valid email address with which an agent can answer you the most Fast by email.Thanks for your understanding.
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Our dispensary is the leading outdoor grown, medical and recreational marijuana centers in USA.  We provide our patients with the best medicine available. All of our products are sun-grown from seed, in 100% custom-mixed on-site soil, spring-watered, slow-cured and hand trimmed.  We do NOT use ANY pesticides OR growth hormones. We also have been Clean Green Certified for the past 2 years, which is certification of organic standards and testing that mirrors the USDA organic certification.
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Our medical marijuana dispensaries locations were voted #1 and #2 in the Independent’s 2013 Best of Awards. In 2014 and 2015. we  won First Place/Gold in the Independent’s Best Of Award for both North and South Colorado Springs. In 2014, and 2015. Our dispensaries were voted Best of the Gazette 1st place winner.
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We offer the very best medicinal and recreational marijuana to our patients.  Please come visit any of our 4 medical marijuana dispensary locations where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find just the right strains to best meet your marijuana expectations. Or you can contact us for an online delivery  within 24 - 48hrs max. if you are in US and 3days max if you are outside US. We provide secure, fast, discrete and guaranteed delivery everywhere.


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Look to Buy Weed Online, Kush sale, Buy real weed online ?, Unlike most dispensaries, We ship marijuana bud anywhere in the world buy weed online. We offer a number of different anonymous payments for buds like cash, bitcoin, gift card options. We believe that medical marijuana bud is a good medicine and should be freely available to everyone regardless of unjust laws so buy weed online. That’s why we started this business to Buy real weed online. All marijuana online is double vacuum packed before shipping, making it completely odorless to ensure that it arrives safely to your door. Our distribution crew is expert at making packages that blend in with the rest of the mail. We have also put into place many other security measures to ensure the security of our customers. You can read about buy weed in more detail on the security page of this catalog.

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We offer a wide variety of marijuana for sale, marijuana seeds for sale and marijuana oil for sale for recreational and medicinal use. buy marijuana Kush sale *High Quality Grade Marijuana,  Rick Simpson Oil (Cannabis Oil), Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Hash Oil, buy marijuana online, buy marijuana BHO, Honey Oil, Ear Wax, Edibles and Much More! 

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Although it has been legal to purchase medical marijuana in most Countries and States  for over the last few  years now shipping bud, not every dispensary is created equal. Most do not take the time to answer important questions, and they function more like a drug house rather than a professional medical facility.

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As our tagline “Out of the Shadows, Into the Light  “Cannabis is high medicine ” suggests, that’s how Canabis meds operates. Our goal is to show the world that individuals can buy medical cannabis,purple kush,indica sativa,kush purple,online medicated,marijuana strain and obtain holistic healing solutions in a responsible way Buy Weed Online.

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-Each state determines the amount of marijuana someone can legally buy. This includes flower , bud and concentrates .

-In all states where cannabis is legal you must be at least 21 years or older to purchase recreationally and 18 years of age to purchase medically.

-Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize marijuana in 2014 for recreational use and others have followed since such as Oregon and Alaska.

-The trend is continuing as 99% of the population now favors some form of legalization of marijuana.

-As a highly regulated industry more states are moving to a recreational marijuana model as municipalities can generate huge tax revenue from this side.

-Currently there are 23 states that have some form of legal cannabis in the US.

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                                                              Purple Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: Dark green with bright orange hairs and trichomes that make it glow.

Smell: Very strong smell, will stink up my whole house if the jar is opened inside for longer than 5 minutes.

Taste: Sweet earthy grape

Effects: Intense body and head high followed by the need to sleep

Potency: Very potent 17% – 22% THC 

Good Strain For: Night time medication

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                                     OG Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: Different shades of Bright Green, dense, small, circular, popcorn sized nugs,

Smell: Very Distinct. Extremely Floral (A hint of Rose), Pungent

Effects: True California OG Kush will have anyone Blown

Potency: 10/10 Depending on how much you smoke of regular shit, cut that amount in half, then again, that is how much OG you should smoke if you don’t want to be straight trippin’ out.

Good Strain For: Anyone

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Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Visually Stunning. Dark signature leaves with orange hairs and a crystalline body.

Smell: Heavy purple smell, with OG/Durban notes. Fades out very Fruity

Taste: Very spicy taste, with a grape finish

Effects: Great for its length…impressive.

Potency: Very fucking high. Both indica and sativa hit hard on this one in my opinion.

Good Strain For: The Movies, a coffeeshop date, Music

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